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New Book by Lee Salz: Stop Speaking for Free!

STOP SPEAKING FOR FREE - The Ultimate Guide to Making Money with Webinars, authored by webinar thought leader Lee B. Salz, positions you to get paid for your expertise by delivering attendee-funded webinars. Your presentation may be virtual, but the dollars are real!

In this book, you will discover:
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- A specialized copywriting methodology designed to drive registrations for attendee-funded webinars
- Free and low cost marketing strategies to creatively reach your prospects ...beyond your database

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Elliot Gold at the Future of Conferencing Workshop

What a great show Telespan put on in Las Vegas. We learned a lot. And we also learned that each morning, Elliot Gold reads Conferencing News before he reads the Wall Street Journal. Hear it for yourself along with a recap of the event. See you next year there!

Interview: Wyde Voice

Wyde Voice interviewed at Telespan's Future of Conferencing event in Las Vegas. Eugene Tcipnjatov, Chief Technological Officer, shares his thoughts...

From Las Vegas

Conferencing News is at TeleSpan's Future of Conferencing Workshop. It's a great conference, everybody's here, many good speakers. Already, it's been announced that it'll take place again next year. Highly recommended. We're in. ...But we're going to convince Elliot to get this event out of the dreary, depressing Palace Station Hotel & Casino. The casino here is an American hell. Glad we're staying elsehwhere!

Register Now: TeleSpan's Future of Conferencing, March 18/19

TeleSpan's Fifth Annual Future of Conferencing Workshop
Las Vegas, March 18 - 19, 2010


Partial List of Speakers...

Cisco- Rick McConnell, VP/GM, Unified Communications Business Unit, will make a keynote address on Leading Business to the Next Wave of Collaboration.

Skype- Jonathan Christensen, General Manager, Audio Video, will address Skype�s voice and video trends and growth and how it fits in with existing business conferencing. Today, over 35% of their users use video during their calls, and 30% use Skype products for business purposes.

InterCall- Bob Wise, Executive Vice President & President, Genesys SA, will present �How do CSPs get future revenues? How do they enhance their revenue sources?�

TalkShoe- Dave Nelson, Founder of TalkShoe, will address social networking: how Facebook, Ning, Twitter and LinkedIn can be used to enhance conferencing and collaboration.

TeleSpan- Elliot Gold, President of TeleSpan Publishing Corp., will present data giving an in-depth look at trends and the future of conferencing.

Keep/Track- Richard Dalton, Contributing Editor Electronic TeleSpan, will present his annual look at how conferencing and collaboration will be impacted by companies like Apple, Microsoft, and a raft of �under the radar� companies.

Keypoint Marketing- TeleSpan crew members Judy Sterling and Regina Menza will provide an update on TeleSpan�s annual survey of users.


Guess the Brand Name!!!

Multiple choice! Oh what fun! We love design and branding, and when it comes to the conferencing industry, there's some real good stuff to look at. Here's the latest new logo introduction by a leading player. Can you guess who? Here are seven possibilities...

- ebi

- e6i

- pbi

- egi

- p6i

- pgi

- Wonderbread with any of the above

- None of the above.

Whichever company is, know that it's the same people, same passion, but a new look. ...Indeed. Several of them.

Crystal Bald Predictions, Now with 72% Accuracy!

Our favorite Crazy Uncle of the Teleconferencing Industry is at it again with his predictions. Elliot Gold, President of TeleSpan, will hold a web conference that will cover trends in voice, video, and web conferencing and share TeleSpan's pick of companies that will fail "hit the wall" or be picked up in consolidations in the next 24-36 months. Westell's ConferencePlus will host the event on its conferencing services. Attendance to the event will be limited, but an archived version will be available after its conclusion. With a self-proclaimed 72% accuracy, you gotta join!

Let's all forget about the 28% of Elliot predictions that hit the wall themselves and make wagers register now.

This web event takes place on Friday, January 15, 2010 at 1:00 PM EST - GET SIGNED UP

The CN Interview with Dave Erickson

David Erickson is the President and CEO of

Conferencing News: We just checked out your site and it looks like there's a lot more than just that product there. Tell us what's new and hot in your product line.

Dave Erickson: offers a suite of services which range from free to toll-free conferencing and voice messaging. Our latest offering is called SimpleBlast, which allows subscribers to distribute up to 10,000 instant voice messages with just one call. We also recently introduced a new toll free conferencing service called, which is packed with features that our users have been asking about, including Web controls, sub-account management and the ability to support 1,000 callers.

Two other unique services from that your readers may be interested in are�a free version of the 1,000 caller, Web-featured conferencing service�and a voice messaging service called Private Number, which offers users a direct dial-in number to a voicemail line to eliminate access codes.

CN: Tell us about some specific features within that differentiate it in the market.

DE: There are many free conferencing services on the market today, but stands out in a few ways.

First,�s services are the most user-friendly and intuitive on the market.�s easy-to-use Web interface helps conference hosts to seamlessly manage calls during live conferences�from muting and disconnecting certain callers, to recording and broadcasting audio files with just a click of the mouse.

Next, makes good on its commitment to offer free services with no hidden costs. For example, conference hosts receive free call detail reports, recordings, downloads and podcasts with each conference call. With both URL- and Web-based conference play back, hosts and up to 1,000 callers can enjoy their conferences in real time or at a later date�always for free.

Finally, is parallel to none in customer service. We offer easy-to-follow question and answer sessions for each of our products, along with professional customer service representatives who are reachable via telephone and online.

CN: We've heard that the Obama administration has used the service. Is this true? And what do they use it for?

DE: The Obama administration used�s services during the presidential campaign�likely for campaigning and planning. More than 1,000 registered account numbers came from this account and callers used more than 5 million minutes.

CN: Who are some of your other notable customers that use your services and for what applications of conferencing?

DE: helps organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, medium and small businesses, network marketers, political campaigns, non-profits, churches and community groups to collaborate and conduct remote meetings. From corporate earnings calls, religious broadcasts and remote sermons, to online press conferences or internal meetings, users have found that they can save money by using the services of Free Conferencing Corporation. Some of our notable users come from companies such as Mary Kay Cosmetics, National Federation of the Blind, International Coach Academy, The Salvation Army, The Kidney Cancer Association, Herbalife, Fedex, Tupperware and DSWA.

CN: You recently gave an ex-parte presentation to the FCC about the connection fee controversy. What's your position on this matter and when do you think things will settle with this issue?

DE: I think free services are great and so does the customer�and that�s settled.

CN: What's next for the Free Conference Call?

DE: We plan to introduce more innovative features and keep improving our existing services.

CN: Thanks, Dave. Continued success.

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Contributors Wanted! Anyone can write a blog post on the Webinar Wire. This is a multi-author blog for the web event services market and we encourage marketers, tech service providers, and web event producers and promoters to contribute their news, opinions and insights.

If you're learning about how to produce effective webinars, the insights from contributors like Ken Molay will give you invaluable information and insight into best practices.

Read from or write to the Webinar Wire now.

Wainhouse Research CSP Summit: October 26th, Boston

The Wainhouse Research CSP Summit brings together collaboration & conferencing service providers, their technology partners, and WR analysts to connect, explore, and understand the rapidly changing market. The topics explored with this year's theme, "The Changing Landscape, How to Capitalize on New Markets for Collaboration Services", will help providers prepare for the future of the collaboration and conferencing industry as they learn what to expect from new technologies and new providers entering the space.
The discussions and presentations are highly interactive between speakers and the audience while focusing on practical strategies to drive adoption and growth. The format of the CSP Summit allows an unprecedented opportunity for networking during the session, breaks, lunch, and at a cocktail reception.


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